The Time Frame of Homer's Odyssey's

adapted by Alfred J. Drake

1st day. Assembly of gods; Athena visits Telemachus in Ithaca (Book 1).

2nd Assembly of Ithacans; Telemachus prepares for his journey (2, 1-398). He sails away that night (2, 399 to end).

3rd He arrives at Pylos and hears Nestor's story (3, 1-403).

4th He leaves Pylos for Pherai (3, 404-90).

5th His journey to Sparta and reception at Menelaus' palace (3, 491-4, 305).

6th He stays at Sparta and hears Menelaus' story (4, 306-624). In Ithaca : discovery of Telemachus' departure. Conspiracy of Suitors to ambush and kill him (4, 625-786). In the night Penelope dreams; the conspirators set out (4, 787 to end).

7th Second assembly of gods. Hermes tells Calypso to send Odysseus home (5, 1-27).

8th-11th Odysseus builds an improvised boat (5, 228-62).

12th-28th Odysseus voyages safely (5, 263-78).

29th Poseidon wrecks him with a storm (5, 279-387).

30th-31st Odysseus drifts on a spar and reaches Scherie (5, 388 to end).

32nd Athena sends Nausicaa to near where Odysseus sleeps. They meet. Odysseus is received hospitably at Alcinous' palace (6 and 7).

33rd Entertainment by the Phaeacians with feast, song, dance, athletics (8). That evening Odysseus recounts his previous adventures between Troy and Scherie: the Cicones, Lotus-Eaters, Cyclops, Aeolus, Laestrygones, Circe, Land of Ghosts, Seirens, Scylla and Charybdis, the Cattle of the Sun, the storm, Calypso's island (8-13, 17).

34th Odysseus voyages home from Phaeacia and arrives in Ithaca (13, 18-92).

35th Odysseus lands and stays with the Swineherd (13, 93 to end of 14). Telemachus travels from Sparta to Pherai (15, 1-188). Note: the chronology is uncertain here; Butcher and Lang add an extra day for Telemachus' journey.

36th Telemachus reaches Pylos and sails home (15, 189-300). Odysseus stays with the Swineherd (15, 301-494).

37th Telemachus, having evaded the ambush, lands on Ithaca and joins Odysseus and the Swineherd (15, 495 to end of 16).

38th Odysseus disguised as a beggar goes among the Suitors in his palace. He fights a rival beggar, talks with Penelope, is recognized by his old Nurse (17-19).

39th The contest with the bow. The killing of the Suitors (20-23, 240). That night Penelope at last accepts Odysseus as being truly her husband (23, 241-346).

40th The souls of the Suitors go to Hades; Odysseus visits his father; Athena makes peace between Odysseus and the Suitors' kinsmen (23, 347 to end of poem)

Adapted from W.B. Stanford's Greek edition of The Odyssey, Vol 1. St. Martin's Press, 1992.