E316 Shakespeare Journal Formatting Sample, CSU Fullerton Fall 2012



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Instructor's Note: In the sample below, I've generated text using Lorem Ipsum so it's easy to focus on formatting. I begin with a colorful all-caps line providing student name, course title, and journal set particulars. Then I include an all-caps colored line for the first play, and after that I begin pasting in and responding to selected questions. The questions are bolded to distinguish them from my responses. In each of my responses, I quote relevant, brief portions of the play's text. In one case, I quoted at length, so I indented properly as I would do in a formal paper. In accordance with current MLA practice, I list act.scene.line in parentheses and using simple numbers, i.e. (5.3.227-29) and not the old-fashioned Roman system (V.iii.227-29). When you mention a play's title in your own responses, italicize it: Henry V refers to the play, while Henry V refers to the character. If I had chosen to incorporate some critical source's ideas or exact language, I would have quoted and sourced it properly -- here's a hypothetical example for including language from a journal article: In "King Lear's Daughters" (Shakespearean Rag 83: Spring 2009) Kendrick Smith says the following about Act 4, Scene 2: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas tincidunt euismod hendrerit." (239). I think Smith is right, and .... In other words, ACADEMIC INTEGRITY, or giving credit where credit is due, applies just as much to journal sets (and presentations) as it does to term papers.

A few other advance notes: Always keep an extra copy of your work -- don't just keep a USB or hard-drive copy as your only one. Don't do the journals at the last minute -- that negates their value to you. Double-check before you send your email to make sure you didn't forget to attach your journal set! Also make sure you include a proper subject line in the email: something like E316 TR Journal 1, Harlan Sanders. File extensions? I can open .docx, .doc, .odt, .rtf, and .pages documents, but if you're using .pages (Mac), please also paste your journal set into the email you send just in case there's a problem. File name? How about simply your last name and nothing else for the copy you send me? That's easiest because I rename files after students' last names anyhow.



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et cetera until the requisite plays for the set have been covered.

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